Current Employment Opportunities

P&A is an Equal Opportunity Employer.  Persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

Protection and Advocacy for People with Disabilities (P&A) is a private, statewide nonprofit which protects and advocates for the legal, civil and human rights of people with disabilities. P&A believes that people with disabilities are people first and are the primary decision makers in all areas of their life. Our goals include Safety and Protection, Community Integration, and Equal Access for people with disabilities. This position plays a vital role in achieving these goals.

An Advocate for P&A shall work under the general supervision of a Team Leader. This position is full time and classified as salaried, non-exempt from overtime pay under federal Department of Labor regulations.

Specific duties include, but are not limited to:

Directly protect the rights of, and advocate on behalf of, individuals with disabilities through provision of information and referral, direct advocacy services, monitoring of facilities and programs providing services to people with disabilities, and maintaining an active caseload as assigned by Team Leader. Such caseload may include individual and/or systemic advocacy for people with developmental, mental or physical disabilities.

Apprise Team Leader and/or appropriate legal personnel of policy issues and case problems/questions having legal implications.

Maintain accurate up-to-date client records in the prescribed format. This includes the timely completion of client narratives and documentation for required reports and electronic data entry.

Timely submit all internal P&A forms and records as required.

Assist Team Leader, as needed, in the development, implementation and monitoring of appropriate programs and goals.

Keep abreast of relevant developments in disability law, regulations and policies of state agencies.

Initiate and maintain contact with volunteer and consumer organizations, service providers, and other relevant groups and individuals at the direction of the Team Leader, acquiring a working knowledge of, and sensitivity to, minorities and residents of rural communities through information, training, and interaction with community leaders and organizations established in rural and minority communities.

Assist in training of staff, volunteers, interested citizens and professionals in areas relevant to the needs and rights of individuals with disabilities.

Advise Team Leader of training and technical assistance needs.

Other duties as requested.

Required Qualifications

Master’s degree from an accredited college in education, psychology, social work or a related field; or
Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college and a minimum of three years’ relevant experience.

Desired Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

Commitment to the mission, vision and values of Protection & Advocacy for People with Disabilities, Inc. and to the civil rights of people with disabilities.

Ability to work with individuals from a variety of cultural backgrounds and a demonstrated understanding of the overall organization and relationships among and between service areas and teams.

Ability to coordinate case research and perform overall case management. Problem solving skills including the ability to influence, facilitate, mediate, negotiate and manage groups and individuals.

Ability to work both independently and in collaboration with others, maintain confidentiality; and to deal effectively with and negotiate through confrontational situations and stressful interactions.

Advanced knowledge of systems providing services to people with disabilities and disability laws and regulations.

Proficiency in oral and written communication, computer literacy.

Must be able to travel within the state. May be required to travel out-of-state for trainings or conferences.

This position is located in our Columbia office

Deadline for applying: January 31, 2020

Please send cover letter and resume by mail, fax or e-mail to

Lorie Boddie, Finance & Human Resource Manager at boddie@pandasc.org

Persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

For more information, please visit our website: https://www.pandasc.org.


There are 3 ways you can apply for employment opportunities. No phone calls please.

  1. Mail resume and letter of introduction to:  Lorie Boddie, Finance & Human Resource Manager, 3710 Landmark Drive, Suite 208, Columbia, SC 29204
  2. Fax resume and letter of introduction to:  ATTN:  Finance & Human Resource Manager, Fax # 803-790-1946
  3. Email resume and letter of introduction to:   Lorie Boddie, Finance & Human Resource Manager, boddie@pandasc.org