P&A Staff

Name Title Email
Lorie Boddie Finance and Human Resources Manager boddie@pandasc.org
Pete Cantrell Attorney/Team Leader cantrell@pandasc.org
Anna Maria (Darwin) Conner
Attorney/Team Leader darwin@pandasc.org
Nicole Davis
Advocate davis@pandasc.org
Brandy Earle
Rep Payee Coordinator earle@pandasc.org
Samantha Favor
Advocate favor@pandasc.org
Beth Franco
Executive Director franco@pandasc.org
Rebecca Fulmer
Attorney fulmer@pandasc.org
Curtrell Gadson
Advocate gadson@pandasc.org
Jessica Garrido
Advocate/Investigator garrido@pandasc.org
Stephanie Gutzman
Legal Assistant gutzman@pandasc.org
Sandra Hagler
Information & Referral Specialist hagler@pandasc.org
Erin Haire
PAVA & Outreach Advocate haire@pandasc.org
Amanda Hess
Attorney/Team Leader hess@pandasc.org
Adrienne “AJ” Johnson
Attorney johnson@pandasc.org
Maggie Knowles
Communications Manager knowles@pandasc.org
Kathy Martin Attorney/Team Leader martin@pandasc.org
Mary McKenney
Advocate/Investigator mckenney@pandasc.org
Janette Chen Rodriguez Paralegal, Hispanic Outreach  and Advocate/Investigator chen@pandasc.org
Phyllis Ross
Advocate ross@pandasc.org
Nina Saini
Information & Referral Advocate saini@pandasc.org
Roxanne Saunders
Administrative Assistant saunders@pandasc.org
Rebekah Spannagel
Advocate spannagel@pandasc.org
Mary Stevenson
Advocate stevenson@pandasc.org
Charisse Thomas Advocate thomas@pandasc.org
Leona Washington Information & Referral Specialist washington@pandasc.org
Dave Zoellner Managing Attorney zoellner@pandasc.org