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Inspection Reports by County

If you would like to see a copy of an inspection report please email or call P&A at 1-803-782-0639. Below is a list of all inspections completed over the last three years.

Abbeville County

Harmony House (Calhoun Falls) 11-30-17
Quiet Acres Retirement Home (Hodges) 10-19-17

Aiken County

Village Inn Community Care Home (Graniteville) 7-25-18
Gracelynn Residential Care Facility (New Ellenton) 1-9-18
Generations of Monetta (Monetta) 10-26-17
Perry Eldercare (Perry) 4-20-17
Parker’s Residential Care Home (New Ellenton) 8-11-16
Village Inn Community Care Home (Graniteville) 4-18-16
We Care Residential (Aiken) 2-25-16

Allendale County

C & S Assisted Living (Allendale) 11-7-19
Brianna’s Residential Care Facility (Fairfax) 3-7-18
C & S Assisted Living (Allendale) 3-27-17
SS Boarding Home LLC (Allendale) 1-25-17

Anderson County

Village Community Care Home – Unit A (Anderson) 10-16-19
Village Community Care Home – Unit B (Anderson) 10-16-19
Village Community Care Home – Unit C (Anderson) 10-16-19
Village Community Care Home – Unit D (Anderson) 10-16-19
Upstate Residential Care (Anderson) 8-26-19
Faith, Hope and Charity Retirement (Anderson) 1-30-19
Village Community Care Home – Unit A ((Anderson) 4-17-17
Village Community Care Home – Unit C (Anderson) 4-17-17
Resting Place #1 (Anderson) 3-20-17
Village Community Care Home – Unit B (Anderson) 11-3-16
Village Community Care Home – Unit D (Anderson) 11-3-16
Rocky River Baptist Association Residential Care Home (Belton) 8-17-16

Bamberg County

Rumph’s Residential Care (Denmark) 3-12-19
Grace Residential Care Facility (Denmark) 8-1-18
Low Country Assisted Living (Bamberg) 6-13-17
Rumph’s Residential Care (Denmark) 2-16-17

Beaufort County

A’Lelia Residential Care (Yemassee) 11-26-18

Berkeley County

Goose Creek Manor #1 (Goose Creek) 4-23-19
Goose Creek Manor #2 (Goose Creek) 10-4-18
Oakview Boarding Home (Moncks Corner) 9-19-17
Quality Care Residential Home (Goose Creek) 6-22-17
Goose Creek Manor #1 (Goose Creek) 2-13-17
L&M Residential Health Care Facility (Cross) 10-27-16

Calhoun County

Myers Residential Care Facility (Swansea) 4-26-18
Myers Residential Care Facility II (Swansea) 4-26-18

Charleston County

Cabading Home #3 (North Charleston) 1-7-20
Bowles Community Care Home (McClellanville) 11-19-19
Bowles Community Care Home #2 (McClellanville) 11-19-19
Bell’s Professional Residential Home Care (North Charleston) 11-12-19
Maria’s Priority Care Residential Home I (North Charleston) 9-16-19
Maria’s Priority Care Residential Home II-B (North Charleston) 9-16-19
North Haven Residential Care Home (North Charleston) 8-16-19
My Father’s House (Charleston) 1-18-19
Langit’s Assisted Living Facility (North Charleston) 1-11-19
Palmetto Residential Care of North Charleston (North Charleston) 11-2-18
Ladson’s Residential Home Care (Charleston) 10-22-18
Maria’s Priority Care Residential Home III (North Charleston) 9-18-18
First Choice Home Care Facility (North Charleston) 8-16-18
Vanwyever Residential Care Facility (North Charleston) 7-27-18
Nichols Residential Care Facility (Lincolnville) 5-29-18
Cabading Homes #1 (North Charleston) 12-12-17
Care With Love II (North Charleston) 12-12-17
Maria’s Priority Care Residential Home I (North Charleston) 11-2-17
Ivory’s Loving Care Residential Facility (North Charleston) 8-24-17
Cabading Homes #2 (Charleston) 7-25-17
Curameng Residential Home Care (North Charleston) 5-25-17
Maria’s Priority Care Residential Home II-B (North Charleston) 5-8-17
Maria’s Priority Care Residential Home II-F (North Charleston) 5-8-17
Cummings Community Residential Care Home (North Charleston) 3-30-17
Pettis Angels Residential Care (North Charleston) 2-23-17
Cabading Homes #1 (Charleston) 12-6-16
Midland Park Residential Home Care (North Charleston) 11-29-16
Dorcas Residential Care I (North Charleston) 9-28-16
Dorcas Residential Care II (North Charleston) 9-28-16
Cabading Homes #3 (North Charleston) 7-19-16

Cherokee County

Ivy Grove Report (Gaffney) 2-27-19

Chester County

Palmetto Village of Chester (Chester) 2-28-18
Riley’s Residential Care Home (Great Falls) 6-20-17
Helms-Gordon Residential Care Home (Fort Lawn) 8-24-16

Chesterfield County

Pageland Care Facility (Pageland) 11-14-18
Palmetto Ridge (Cheraw) 2-7-18
Pageland Care Facility (Pageland) 9-8-16

Clarendon County

Dorch Community Residential Care (Manning) 11-16-18

Colleton County

Autumn House (Walterboro) 4-27-17

Darlington County

Easy Living (Lamar) 1-4-18

Dillon County

B & B Assisted Living (Dillon) 1-22-19

Dorchester County

Antonio-Staples Residential Care Facility (Summerville) 12-17-18

Fairfield County

Joshua’s Foundation (Ridgeway) 11-20-19
Joshua’s Foundation (Ridgeway) 9-26-17

Florence County

Evelyn’s Residential Care Facility (Florence) 11-6-19
Beard Residential Care Facility #1 (Timmonsville) 4-24-19
Burgess Residential Care #3 (Florence) 4-13-19
Johnsonville Adult Care (Johnsonville) 3-5-19
Gene’s Residential Care Facility (Florence) 1-8-19
Gene’s Residential Care (Florence) 11-20-18
Victorian Home (Florence) 4-12-18
Burgess Residential Care Facility (Florence) 1-18-18
Beard’s Residential Care Facility #3 (Timmonsville) 1-11-18
Burgess Residential Care #3 (Florence) 5-2-17
Evelyn’s Residential Care Facility (Florence) 2-28-17
Beard Residential Care Facility #1 (Timmonsville) 1-26-17
Hannah Residential Manor (Pamplico) 1-12-17
Carriage House Senior Living of Florence (Florence) 9-16-16

Georgetown County

Oasis Residential Home (Georgetown) 11-08-18
Mary’s Home Care (Hemingway) 2-1-17

Greenville County

McKinney House (Mauldin) 11-21-19
Gregory’s Community Care #6 – Howell House (Piedmont) 10-31-19
Gregory’s Community Care #8 – Metz House (Piedmont) 10-31-19
Ridgeview Community Care Homes Unit B (Greer) 8-15-18
Ridgeview Community Care Homes Unit C (Greer) 8-15-18
Ridgeview Community Care Homes Unit A (Greer) 7-9-18
Gregory’s Community Care #5 Malone House (Piedmont) 6-4-18
Gregory’s Community Care #7 – Craven House (Piedmont) 2-27-18
Sherman Residential Care (Greenville) 10-11-17
Gregory’s Community Care # 6 Howell House (Piedmont) 4-13-17
Gregory’s Community Care # 8 – Metz House (Piedmont) 4-13-17
McKinney House (Mauldin) 2-7-17

Greenwood County

Ware Shoals Manor (Ware Shoals) 6-8-17

Hampton County

Seville’s Residential Care Facility (Hampton) 2-14-19
Seville’s Residential Care Facility (Hampton) 3-8-17

Kershaw County

Flowers Residential Care Facility (Lugoff) 12-05-18
Dixon’s Community Care Home (Elgin) 4-27-18
Flowers Residential Care Facility (Lugoff) 2-15-17
Dixon’s Community Care Home (Elgin) 9-27-16

Lancaster County

Heath Springs Residential Care Center (Heath Springs) 10-24-18

Laurens County

Laurens Estates (Laurens) 2-21-18

Lee County

Emerald Residential Care Facility II (Bishopville) 10-12-19
Bishopville Manor (Bishopville) 3-7-19
Emerald Residential Care Facility I (Bishopville) 9-19-18
Emerald Residential Care Facility II (Bishopville) 11-1-17

Lexington County

Twilite Manor Adult Residential Care (Cayce) 1-23-19
Carolina Gardens at West Columbia (West Columbia) 1-16-19
Rapha Residential Care Inc. (Gaston) 11-15-18
Brook Pine Community Residential Care Facility (Gaston) 4-11-18
Stephanie’s Residential Care Facility (West Columbia) 10-4-17
S&S Assistance Housing (Lexington) 8-30-17
Twilite Manor Adult Residential Care (Cayce) 3-16-17
Southern Heritage (West Columbia) 7-14-16

Marion County

M&M Residential Care Home (Marion) 1-15-19
M&M Residential Care Home (Marion) 1-19-17

Marlboro County

BTU RestHome (Bennettsville) 11-30-16

Newberry County

Palmetto Gardens (Prosperity) 1-25-19
Palmetto Gardens (Prosperity) 1-4-17

Orangeburg County

Tyler Restmore Home #2 (Orangeburg) 11-5-19
Daltons CMC Residential Care Facility (Orangeburg) 10-15-19
Tyler Restmore Home #3 (Orangeburg) 10-15-19
Brian’s Residential Care (Orangeburg) 4-17-19
Tyler Restmore Home (Orangeburg) 4-11-19
Elliott’s Residential Care Home (Bowman) 9-25-18
Alexander’s Golden Starr Community Care Home (Santee) 6-7-18
Jolly Rest More (Orangeburg) 5-8-18
JJ Residential Care (Orangeburg) 5-8-18
Jolly Rest More (Orangeburg) 5-8-18
Dreamland Residential Care (North) 3-29-18
Brian’s Residential Care II (Branchville) 3-12-18
Tyler Restmore Home (Orangeburg) 2-12-18
Stokes Residential (Orangeburg) 2-8-18
Serenity Manor of Holly Hill (Holly Hill) 1-19-18
Golden Years (Orangeburg) 11-27-17
Brian’s Residential Care (Orangeburg) 6-7-17
Tyler Restmore Home (Orangeburg) 3-29-17
Catherine’s Manor II (Orangeburg) 2-2-17
Backhome Care Facility (Cross) 1-9-17
Elliott’s Residential Care Home (Bowman) 8-30-16

Pickens County

Easley Retirement Center (Easley) 9-3-19
West End Retirement Center Inc. (Easley) 3-14-18
Master Care (Liberty) 4-10-17
Six Mile Retirement Center (Six Mile) 12-14-16

Richland County

Turning Point Community Residential Care Facility (Hopkins) 11-13-19
Pondview Residential Care Facility #1 (Blythewood) 10-10-19
Lemonaide House (Hopkins) 9-26-19
B & J Residential Care Facility (Columbia) 9-25-19
Joy Community Care Home (Columbia) 9-19-19
Kiva Lodge (Blythewood) 7-29-19
Rouse Community Care Home #2 (Columbia) 6-6-19
Carson’s Community Care (Blythewood) 4-10-19
Eugenia’s Residential Care Facility (Columbia) 4-3-19
Walters Residential Care (Columbia) 1-9-19
Reese’s Community Care Home (Columbia) 12-19-18
Rouse Community Care Home #1 (Columbia) 10-18-18
Westside Residential Home (Columbia) 10-12-18
Flanagan Community Care Home (Columbia) 8-28-18
Pondview Residential Care Home #1 (Blythewood) 8-22-18
Reese’s Community Care Home
Addison’s Community Care Home (Columbia) 7-20-18
Casual Community Care Home (Columbia) 7-12-18
Davis Community Care Home (Columbia) 6-15-18
Williams Community Care Home (Columbia) 5-23-18
Piedmont Pathways Community Residential Care Facility (Hopkins) 3-28-18
Countrywood Assisted Living (Hopkins) 3-15-18
Joanne’s Community Care Home (Columbia) 3-6-18
Mary’s Residential Care Facility (Blythewood) 2-15-18
Dowdy’s Community Care Home #2 (Columbia) 2-14-18
Rockhaven Community Care Home (Columbia) 1-18-18
Lemonaide House (Hopkins) 12-21-17
Joy Community Care Home (Columbia) 10-25-17
Pondview Residential Care Home #2 (Blythewood) 10-10-17
B & J Residential Care Facility (Columbia) 9-7-17
CLS Care Home (Gadsden) 8-17-17
Carson’s Community Care (Blythewood) 5-23-17
Eugenia’s Residential Care Facility (Columbia) 4-11-17
Heritage at Lowman (Chapin) 2-8-17
Rouse Community Care Home #2 (Columbia) 1-23-17
Casual Community Care Home (Columbia) 10-17-16
Joanne’s Community Care Home #1 (Elgin) 9-14-16
Addison’s Community Care Home (Columbia) 8-9-16

Saluda County

Long’s Residential Care Center (Saluda) 10-24-19
Clarke House (Saluda) 2-13-19
Long’s Residential Care Center (Saluda) 8-2-17
Clarke House (Saluda) 10-12-16

Spartanburg County

Cantrell’s Residential Care Facility (Spartanburg) 11-14-19
Wright’s Residential Care Facility 1 (Wellford) 10-21-19
Wright’s Residential Care Facility 2A & B (Lyman) 10-21-19
Midway Residential Care Facility #1 (Moore) 9-24-19
Midway Residential Care Facility #1A (Moore) 9-24-19
Midway Residential Care Facility #4 (Moore) 8-8-18
Midway Residential Care Facility #5 (Moore) 8-8-18
Wright’s Residential Care #2A & B (Lyman) 11-9-17
Miller’s Place (Spartanburg) 7-17-17
Cantrell’s Residential Care Facility (Spartanburg) 5-22-17
Reid’s Residential Care Facility (Wellford) 3-14-17
Midway Residential Care Facility #1 (Moore) 11-16-16
Midway Residential Care Facility #1A (Moore) 11-16-16

Sumter County

Herriott’s Residential Care Facility (Sumter) 10-28-19
Anointed Residential Care (Sumter) 10-8-19
Anointed Residential Care #2 (Sumter) 10-8-19
Family Residential Care Home I (Sumter) 9-11-19
Family Residential Care Home II (Sumter) 9-11-19
Family Residential Care Home III (Sumter) 9-11-19
Carriage House of Sumter (Sumter) 6-3-19
Greene’s Residential Care Facility (Sumter) 4-18-19
Flora’s Residential Care Facility II (Sumter) 2-26-19
Good Deeds Residential Care Facility (Sumter) 7-30-18
Walters Brothers Residential Care Facility (Sumter) 6-28-18
Angelic’s Place (Sumter) 5-31-18
Greene’s Residential Care II (Sumter) 5-4-18
Community Residential Care Facility (Sumter) 1-25-18
Anointed Residential Care (Sumter) 12-7-17
Anointed Residential Care #2 (Sumter) 12-7-17
Morningside of Sumter (Sumter) 12-6-17
Willie S II RCH (Sumter) 7-11-17
Greene’s Residential Care Facility (Sumter) 4-25-17
Flora’s Residential Care Facility II (Sumter) 3-23-17
Family Residential Care Home I (Sumter) 1-5-17
Family Residential Care Home II (Sumter) 1-5-17

Union County

Whitney Place (Union) 5-30-17

Williamsburg County

Sunny Pines Boarding Home (Andrews) 2-22-19
Williamsburg Residential Care Facility (Kingstree) 10-26-18
Good Samaritan Residential Care (Kingstree) 2-1-18

York County

Divine Manor Assisted Living Center (Rock Hill) 1-5-18
Crossroads at Catawba (Catawba) 10-25-16