Knowing your rights and learning more are important to effective self advocacy. This section contains links to factsheets, publications, reports, FAQs, and other advocacy organizations.

These resources are not intended to be legal advice. They are for general information only and may not cover the special facts of your situation. Using these resources cannot determine whether you have a legal issue. If you believe that you have a legal right that may have been violated, you may have a deadline to file your claim or lose your right. Sometimes these deadlines are very short, such as 180 days from the date of event.

These resources were based on the law as of the time the publication was written. Future changes in the law may make some information incorrect. Information or material provided on our website is not intended to be legal advice. Please feel free to contact us to make sure you have the latest information.


P&A General Brochure in English

P&A General Brochure in Spanish

7 Tips to Advocating for Yourself and Family

7 Tips to Advocating for Yourself and Family Brochure in Spanish