The South Carolina Assistive Technology Lemon Law

What is the SC Assistive Technology (AT) Lemon Law?


What is an AT Device?

An AT device is a tool or equipment that allows an individual with a disability to work, communicate, or live more independently.

AT Device Examples:

Why is there an AT Lemon Law?

A person with a disability may depend on AT to live, work, and learn. If the equipment breaks down or does not work, then the person may be unable to do certain tasks.

Although some AT devices may cost as little as a few dollars, other AT devices are very expensive and may cost several thousand dollars. If the item breaks down, it may cost a lot of money to repair. The AT Lemon Law protects against poor workmanship or faulty products by giving consumers rights to enforce guarantees.

When a manufacturer sells an AT device, South Carolina law says it automatically comes with a one-year warranty that there are no defects in parts or performance. The only exception is if the bill of sale clearly states the AT device is sold in an “as is” condition. Then there is no warranty except what is specifically stated on the bill of sale. There is similar protection for AT devices that are leased from a manufacturer.

How does the AT Lemon Law work?

There are two different ways the AT Lemon Law works; one if the person with a disability buys the AT device and the other way if the person leases it.

If the person bought the AT device, then the manufacturer is supposed to repair the AT device so that there is no longer a problem -OR- if the manufacturer is not able to repair the AT device, it will keep the defective
AT device and:

If the person leased the AT device, then the AT device is to be repaired so that there is no longer a problem -OR- if the AT device cannot be repaired, the manufacturer will refund the amount the consumer paid under the lease and costs of any replacement while the AT device was being repaired.
A consumer may also bring a lawsuit for double damages and collect legal costs and attorney fees.

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