P&A and the South Carolina DisAbility Voting Coalition release a set of three new voting rights videos.


SC DisAbility Voting Coalition

P&A and the SC DisAbility Voting Coalition are proud to release the following new videos on the voting rights of individuals with disabilities in South Carolina. Each video addresses a different voting topic to include how to register to vote, the different ways a person with a disability can vote, and accessibility challenges that may exist at polling places.

The SC Disability Voting Coalition is a non-partisan coalition dedicated to increasing the numbers of people with disabilities who vote through voter education and improved access to the voting process.  The coalition is comprised of more than 40 non-profit and state agencies.

SC DisAbility Voting Coalition Brochure – Advocating Equal Access to Voting

Registering to Vote from Elephant Room Media on Vimeo.

Ways to Vote from Elephant Room Media on Vimeo.

Voting Accessibility in SC from Elephant Room Media on Vimeo.